1256 W 7th Street LA, CA


Leading the charge on curating the art and music programs are Kelly “RISK” Graval, Kevin Zinger and Ivory Daniel of Regime 72, an LA-based talent management firm known for its diverse involvement in music, art, film, and fashion on a global scale.

For over three decades the Regime 72 collective have worked with some of the most respected people from a wide array of artistic mediums. This background and success in producing music, movies, clothing lines, events and concerts on all scales is a key component in supporting the art community with a very holistic approach. Regime 72 is now putting their history and resources to work on behalf of The Mayfair Hotel to produce first class events and activations that will include: monthly art exhibits, live concerts, fashion events, culinary encounters and an overall place to go when looking for a cultural and artistic experience. The Mayfair Hotel has positioned itself to be the priority destination in Los Angeles to have a drink, mingle, and immerse oneself in artistic freedom.

For any music program & art inquiries please email and be sure to stop by the Regime Gallery on the 2nd Floor of The Mayfair. Gallery hours are Wednesday - Friday from 1pm-6pm.

Take Risks

As Mayfair’s Artist-in-Residence, internationally renowned artist Kelly “Risk” Graval has curated a multi-million-dollar collection that beautifully reflects L.A.’s vibrant and invigorating contemporary art scene. The extraordinary art collection on display at The Mayfair was curated by legendary artist and illustrator RISK, in collaboration with artists Shepard Fairey, Geoff Melville, Richard Mirando, and more. From his early days as a USC Fine Arts student and pioneering graffiti artist, to his celebrated gallery and museum showcases around the world, RISK has left an indelible mark on the contemporary art world and become a hometown hero of the Los Angeles art scene.

For any music program & art inquiries please email

14th Floor + Reception Desk: Patricia Torkan

12th Floor: Jason REVOK

Known for pushing both creative and legislative boundaries, Jason REVOK’s work began in the streets and evolved into the studio – literally inventing new tools for his trade along the way. Having arguably done more to bring spray paint to minimalist art than anyone before him, his work has been exhibited around the world – including MOCA Los Angeles – and is included in a number of important private collections.

11th Floor:Estevan Oriol

Recognized as an internationally celebrated professional photographer, director and urban-lifestyle entrepreneur, the work of Estevan Oriol has influenced a generation of artists. While traveling the world as a hip-hop club bouncer-turned-tour manager for popular rap groups Cypress Hill and House of Pain, Estevan discovered his passion for photography. Using an old camera from his father (renowned photographer Eriberto Oriol), Estevan began documenting his life on the road and established a name for himself amid the emerging hip-hop scene. Two decades later, Oriol’s extensive portfolio juxtaposes the glamorous and gritty landscapes of LA culture, focusing on Latino, urban, gang, and tattoo countercultures; while also capturing famous athletes, artists and musicians including Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Dennis Hopper, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Snoop Dogg and Floyd Mayweather.

7th Floor: Billy Morrison

Billy Morrison describes his creative experience as insane, like “unleashing demons and angels at the same time.” His powerful imagery is rooted in many influences, including music, so it is no surprise that he chose a rock star theme for his Mayfair series. Morrison captured a truly Los Angeles-centric experience.

8th Floor: Geoff Melville

Coming from a graffiti art and photography background, Geoff Melville studied under Thomas Wojak and worked under the mentorship of the late Richard Duardo producing works for Dale Chihuly, Dface, Ron English, Shepard Fairey, Yoko Ono, and countless other contemporary artists. He hand-selected his representative pieces for The Mayfair because of their connection to the drama and soul of Los Angeles.

5th Floor + Grand Stair Case: Evidence

6th Floor: Mario M. Muller

As a painter and sculptor, Mario M. Muller was mentored by Ed Paschke and attended master classes with Roy Lichtenstein, Audrey Flack, James Brooks, and Wayne Thiebaud. His work has been shown in over 20 solo exhibitions and more than 40 group exhibitions, as well as being featured in numerous publications. Muller has honed an iconography centered on the contemporary urban landscape, and his UrbanMotif collection seeks to reveal the recalcitrant details of an unpredictable metropolis.

Grand Stair Case: Stephen Vanasco AKA Van Styles

4th Floor: Jim Evans AKA TAZ

Artist and designer Jim Evans, aka TAZ, has illustrated comics, album covers, rock and film posters, as well as advertising and magazine illustrations. TAZ has turned out numerous posters, album jackets, and ephemera for some of the biggest bands in music including the Foo Fighters, U2, Oasis, Porno For Pyros, Green Day, Pearl Jam, The Beastie Boys, Ramones, Rage Against The Machine, Wu Tang Clan, Metallica, Nine Inch Nails, Beck, Aerosmith, House of Pain, Neil Young, Bad Religion, the Pixies, and Blink-182.

LOCALA Kitchen + Bar: Alex Kizu AKA Defer

LOCALA Kitchen + Bar: Cryptik

Cryptik creates from a palette of wonder, where all science, math, and true art spring from equal mystery. His is a clear-eyed art practice of more questions asked than answered. The Southern Californian creative’s intricate, almost trance-inducing works—be they on mammoth walls, slap stickers, or hanging in galleries—find voice in images of spiritual universality. By his hand, Eastern philosophical thought and mantras hypnotically merge with the black letter bombing of cholo writing. The ancient and the sacred marry in a modern quest—through art—for conscious awakening and awareness.  - Jamie Maleszka (Mass Appeal)